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About Company


The CKI group

was founded in 1997, and from the very beginning the quality-conscious, customer-orientated course has been chosen to follow.

The business line

is to provide industry, machine and apparatus engineering, plant maintenance and supply companies all over Russian Federation with fasteners, fittings, instruments and other consumables. Our sales channels include direct sales and retail.

Our key success factors are:

· long-terms relations with customers and suppliers

· stable quality of supplies

· efficient management of financial resources

· efficient corporate information system providing all the date for decision-making

· HR management

Be close to partners

Our company headquarters are located in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The central warehouse, which holds more then 7500 palettes storing the wide range of articles listed in general catalogue, is situated here. There are offices and regional warehouses in Moscow, Ekaterinburg, Pskov, Samara, Saratov,Chelyabinsk and Vyborg. The retail chain includes branches in the Northwest of Russian Federation.

Bare facts:

20 000 articles of fasteners and fittings are in the General Catalogue

200 well-trained employees.

5000 clients all over Russian federation.

Our basic concerns are high quality, wide range and service

To meet our customers’ requirements we are constantly and thoughtfully looking for responsible suppliers, and every consignment passes an incoming control at our laboratory.

Our partners are all over the world

Today we have partner-suppliers in Europe, Asia and Russia. Our general European suppliers are: Dresselhaus, Reyher, S+P, Wasi, Bralo, Gesipa, Spax, fisher, Sormat, KTS, Bosch, Narex etc.

Key success factors working with suppliers are:

· Orientation to the long-term relationships

· "Win-win" policy

We are interested in the long-term mutually beneficial cooperation with enterprises and organizations wishing to present their products on the Russian market. We offer our rich experience and unlimited potential in promotion of our partners' products in all regions of Russia.

Social responsibility

The major concern of our company is to make life, country and society better. So we offer trusted fixing solutions, excellent service, and help to the vulnerable segments of population. We are the active member of some charity funds and one of the Saint-Peterburg orphan home guardianship board.

If you want to have a reliable partner in Russia - our company is the best choice of yours.


196158, Russia, Saint-Petersburg, Moskovskoe shosse 25 

Tel/fax: +7 (812) 309-22-22

e-mail: info@cki.com.ru